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Welcome to the Institute of Stress Sciences (ISS) online training program!

My name is Gage Tarrant, and I'm the founder of ISS. I look forward to working with you over the next year, and hopefully longer! This email includes a set of introductory instructional videos to watch that will prepare you for opening your device software once youhave it in hand, in addition to listing an orientation to our live mentoring webinars where you have access to an instructor and can ask questions about device usage and cases.

Our webmaster will be sending you information on how to log in and access your courses shortly. In the interim, below are introductory "software navigation" videos that will instruct you on how to get started using your new device software, beginning with opening the program and showing you how to enter a new client or patient, calibrating, testing, and orienting to what is referred to as the system's "main matrix". These videos will give you a solid foundation of understanding what you're seeing after a test. The steps outlined in these "Getting Started" videos below cover software navigation procedures you will follow in almost every session.

The instruction is recorded on a mix of Eductor/ Scio and Indigo softwares, which are identical in button clicks, with only a difference in color of background graphics that do not affect operation. The Eductor is the latest advent of devices of this type, and will have additional options exclusive to Eductor and annotated as such in the main Levels 1-2-3 training web pages. We are in the process of uploading all new Eductor videos throughout the rest of February, 2018, in addition to restructuring our program to incorporate educational research that utilizes the technology you're learning!

I also look forward to this year with you on the ISS live mentorship webinars, the orientation for which is at the bottom of this email.

The Mentorship webinars are my office hours where I answer questions about navigation and cases you may have during your supervised year of learning, often by demonstration on the software, so please do not hesitate to join us with any questions you may have. There are no questions too large or small. You have access to the Mentorship Group for one year as a part of your Levels 1-2-3 foundational training package. Our hours are flexible and you should be able to make at least one a month in person, although 14 hours of live attendance are required for North American certification.

Before you begin watching the training videos, please visit our website's orientation page with videos that will help you understand the educational process better: as this page includes practicing downloading .pdf content in addition to preparing your computer to watch our videos.This orientation page should answer most of your questions. and is a helpful link to return to.As you will see, we have assembled the most comprehensive program in the field that combines recorded segments, written segments and live attendance support segments, which is vital to learning this technology properly.

However, please do not hesitate to come onto the live webinars even before you feel ready; you will absorb tips and pearls by osmosis, and they too are recorded for you to rewatch later.

Also, thank you for never forwarding your username and password to anyone outside of myself orwebmaster@instituteofstresssciences.comas your username and password are case specific to you alone as a private single user account, thank you for observing this firm policy. (ISS student account sharing is strictly prohibited, as are the distribution of our single license .pdf's.) You will receive regular emails from,, and, so please be sure to add these addresses to your contacts list and regularly check your spam folder until your server learns that our emails are safe.

In addition to a username and password to access our online pre-recorded standardized training, if you are seeking certification, you will receive an email from Terry Robinette who will be taking you through two of your starting correspondence courses that are required for certification: "How to Write an Informed Consent Form" and "Professional Practices". You should be able to complete these two courses by email within 90 days. These courses regard the most important forms and practices you will need to have in place as a foundation to practicing professionally, while protecting both you and your clients or patients as soon as possible, as you begin gaining your required supervised practice hours for certification. Again, the supervision is obtained through attending the Mentorship Group 1 webinars and asking any questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that with over 10,000 device users in the world with my email address, I unfortunately cannot provide long answers to questions about cases by email; it has proven to be impossible. The good news is that practical demonstration on the device software during Mentorship webinars is a much better way of getting your questions answered, and you will also receive a recording of the demonstration and case tips provided to you that you can watch as many times as you need to.

I look forward to working directly with you this year on the Mentorship Webinars included in your training.

~Gage Tarrant

The following is an example of watching a pre-recording: This first video explains the structure, flow and checklist of our Levels 1-2-3 program and the certification tiers of each level: 

Orientation Adobe Connect Meeting 

You can download the .pdf of the powerpoint used in the presentation for your reference below: 

 Course Flow PDF 

This second video will demonstrate and explain how to log into our website using your unique username and password to access your course materials. 

Orientation Adobe Connect Meeting 2 

Once you are enrolled, we send out a reminder email to our “Mentorship Group 1: The Client IS the Protocol webinar the day before or morning of the class with a link to join. Please sign in with your full name; it will not be visible on the recordings. Upon entering the webinar classroom, please type in a greeting as proof of your attendance. Your name will appear, but will read as user in the recordings. The course videos for each course are numbered in the order they should be viewed in, but you can download a list of course videos here as a guide. 


 I look forward to seeing new and previous students alike in the Mentorship webinars!

Video 1, Opening the Program and Orienting to the QX World Software Icons (QX World is the manufacturer of the Eductor and maker of the softwares for Scio and Indigo).
Video 2, The Password Panel Continued, with an Introduction to Additional Features on the Panel:
Video 3, Review of Opening the Program in Real Time + Demographics Part 1
Video 4,Demographics/ SOC Part 1: 1st Column of Questions
Video 5,SOC 2nd Column of Questions
Video 6,Demographics Cont.: Date, Time, Location of Birth + Saving Data for Later Retrieval
Video 7,Real Time Opening Review, Animal, Object, Athlete Settings
Video 8,Reloading an Existing Client with & without SOC Adjustment
Video 9,Calibration, Geopathic Stress, Temporal Anomoly
Video 10,Real Time Reloading of a Previous Client + Fast Track Calibration
Video 11,Load Client Picture in Calibration/ Test
Video 12,Matrix 1: Calibration Information (Pink Info Fields, Info Box, Red Panel)
Video 13,Matrix 2: Orientation to No. + Value Columns and Color Ranges of Reactivity Matrix
Video 14, Matrix 3:Voltammetry/ Trivector, plus Subfiles: Allersodes, Amino Acids, Ayurvedic, Bach Flowers
Video 15, Matrix 4:Subfiles: Bacteria, Bio War, Blood, Bones
This is just the start! Much more information awaits you inside your ISS student account! You can pick up with "Matrix 5: The 'C' Subfiles" once you have logged into the Level 1 course area.

ISS Line of Light
Online Mentorship Group 1 Orientation
ISS Line of Light
Mentorhip Group 1: The Client IS the Protocol!

You will be sent a separate orientation email with the actual link to class in it, along with the semester's remaining dates. This webinar series is our most open style of Mentoring session, which demonstrates what a real session might look like, called a "Case History", as well as being a "Case Conference", where you can ask questions about unique cases and see explanations explained accompanied by program navigation demonstration at the same time, all recorded for you to watch later as many times as you need.Coaching skills as translated to device usage, software navigation tips, problem solving and foundation-level decision making for session plans, often based on superconscious choices, are all covered in this program.

All that is required is that you keep the names of your clients confidential;revealing their age, gender and matrix profiles is fine as long as it protects their anonymity. If you have concerns about yourself personally, please ask questions as if they are about a client to protect your privacy. There are no questions too large or small.

This program helps prepares practitioners for specific case styles that arise in class session demonstrations, while learning through other participants' questions as well. Again, all sessions are recorded for later repetition review or "make up" should you need to miss a class. Should you not be able to make a during the week, you can take the class on the following meeting date, but you will be sent links of all recordings. Class tone is friendly, supportive and on topic; we know you will thoroughly enjoy the meetings and meeting other practitioners as we continue to learn together.


For new ISS students: please remember that this is not our "website" where you log in with your assigned username and password; this is an Adobeconnect "webinar" room that you mustsign into selecting the " enter as a guest" selection;you do not have a username on this system:

Please type your full names into the "enter as a guest" field;your names will be hidden on recordings. This ensures we have a record of your attendance. If you have never used Adobeconnect before, the system will tell you that you must install the Adobeconnect Add In. Please click "yes" when this message appears; it will then install the viewing codec which usually only takes about 1 minute to install. I am looking forward to seeing you there!
Please don't ever "unsubscribe" to this Constant Contact email listor we can't email you class materials and links; staying subscribed is required.


Single Student Admission:

The copyrighted recordings from this class are for students only; sharing of email contents through forwarding is strictly prohibited and against school policy. Sharing of these class links will be treated as a serious copyright violation, and one that prevents us from keeping class prices affordable. Thank you for understanding!

Make Up Classes and Circumstances Beyond Control:

In the event of circumstances beyond my control, such as severe weather and resulting internet outages, a makeup class will be scheduled for the nextThursdayof the following week.

We always take a "keep your blood sugar stableand stretch out" break midway through each webinar.

Please see the separate "Orientation: Mentorship Group 1" email that will be sent to you for dates and times.

I look forward to seeing you there! And again, welcome aboard!

ISS Line of Light
Best Regards,

Gage Tarrant
Founder, ISS | MindNRG

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