Welcome to Level 1! Our Basic Operations course currently has 64 "Getting Started" Basic Operations Navigation Instruction Videos recorded with Indigo software, followed by 68 deeper "Basic Operations" videos using Eductor-Scio for software demonstration. Both have the same navigation steps and button placements, but with different colors and sometimes different wording on the same buttons, which improves memory and lantern learning. For example, the Indigo uses the word "train" in place of "treat" more often which is more compliant for North American users (or anyone abroad who is not licensed but training for certification), and is therefore the best introduction to the software. The program is structured for beginners of all backgrounds to watch the Indigo videos first, then repeat the videos on the next fuller set using Eductor-Scio software. The first introductory set of Indigo videos is 18 hours. The 2nd set on Eductor-Scio is also 18 hours. If the Informed Consent and Professional Practices course and Mentorship Group 1 programs are included in these hour totals, Level 1 currently equals 80 hours of instruction. 

 2 sample "Superconscious Session" styles are demonstrated at the end of the videos so you have a firm grasp of how to conduct an effective but introductory session that supports a basic premise of all device usage, which is that "the superconscious knows more than the conscious, verbal mind does". After completion of Level 1, please take the tests which will qualify you for designation as Certified Biofeedback Technician, the first tier of certification through the NTCB that allows you to remain supervised on the Mentorship webinars as a working-student who can begin charging for sessions professionally while you complete Level 2 requirements for full professional designations. Enjoy!

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