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ISS Biofeedback Certification Courses

The Entire Level 1 - 3 ISS Certification Package. ($2499.99)

Welcome to Level 1! Our Basic Operations course currently has 64 "Getting Started" Basic Operations Navigation Instruction Videos recorded with Indigo software, followed by 68 deeper "Basic Operations" videos using Eductor-Scio for software demonstration. Both have the same navigation steps and button placements, but with different colors and sometimes different wording on the same buttons, which improves memory and lantern learning. 

For example, the Indigo uses the word "train" in place of "treat" more often which is more compliant for North American users (or anyone abroad who is not licensed but training for certification), and is therefore the best introduction to the software. The program is structured for beginners of all backgrounds to watch the Indigo videos first, then repeat the videos on the next fuller set using Eductor-Scio software. The first introductory set of Indigo videos is 18 hours. The 2nd set on Eductor-SCIO is also 18 hours. If the Informed Consent and Professional Practices course and Mentorship Group 1 programs are included in these hour totals, Level 1 currently equals 80 hours of instruction.

2 sample "Superconscious Session" styles are demonstrated at the end of the videos so you have a firm grasp of how to conduct an effective but introductory session that supports a basic premise of all device usage, which is that "the superconscious knows more than the conscious, verbal mind does". After completion of Level 1, please take the tests which will qualify you for designation as Certified Biofeedback Technician, the first tier of certification through the NTCB that allows you to remain supervised on the Mentorship webinars as a working-student who can begin charging for sessions professionally while you complete Level 2 requirements for full professional designations. Enjoy!

We have two options available for this course: (*The Level 1/2/3 ISS Certification Course Package Includes the WITH option)


ISS Level 1 Package WITHOUT 4Coach Courses for NTCB $1099.99


ISS Level 1 Package WITH 4Coach Courses for NTCB $1199.99

Level 2 contains two of our professional designation credential courses. The first “Stress Management” course deepens device applications for concerns where biofeedback assisted sessions are scientifically and medically recognized as efficacious adjunct interventions to other treatment protocols. The techniques taught in this course can be applied to deeper device searches for other applications as well. Passing the test for this course qualifies you for either or both the designations of Certified Stress Management Specialist and/or Certified Biofeedback Specialist through the NTCB. The second intermediate level course is "Human Growth, Development and Recovery", which teaches transformative session styles and prepares you for licensure as a Spiritual Health Coach through the FSHLB upon successful passing of the test. The techniques covered in this class are an excellent way to begin conducting transformational sessions on clients in ways that are often rewardingly life changing for them, and in ways that build confidence and success for you as a professional.

ISS Stress Management 101 Course Includes the Following Sections:
- Anxiety 101
- Hypertension 101
- Stress and Adrenals 101
- Bruxism and TMJ 101
- Pain Management 101
- Stress and Sugar Regulation 101

Welcome to your Advanced Biofeedback Applications modules! This stage of the learning teaches you to integrate insights from the field of Holistic Wellness into your navigation choices during session, and how to address causal stressors and energetic factors that other fields sometimes miss. Your in-session navigation skills will soar to new heights as you learn where to look for reactive stressors for a variety of different concerns outlined in the course. After the navigation and insight lecture modules, samples of session styles will  also be demonstrated in ways that stil encourage you to think on your own feet when making adjustments to your clients' unique stress profiles, and to remember that the device is your tool and not the master, and that the clients' superconscious reactivity is a wondrous insight to respect.

- ISS Applications Course Includes the Following Sections:
- Complementary Modalities
- Dental & TMJ
- Digestive Wellness
- Degenerative Stress
- Radiation

Advanced Level 3 Courses Individualised

(*If you have Advanced L3 or the L1/L2/L3 Package these are already included)

Welcome to your Advanced Biofeedback Applications modules! This stage of the learning teaches you to integrate insights from the field of Holistic Wellness into your navigation choices during session, and how to address causal stressors and energetic factors that other fields sometimes miss. Your in-session navigation skills will soar to new heights as you learn where to look for reactive stressors for a variety of different concerns outlined in the course. After the navigation and insight lecture modules, samples of session styles will  also be demonstrated in ways that stil encourage you to think on your own feet when making adjustments to your clients' unique stress profiles, and to remember that the device is your tool and not the master, and that the clients' superconscious reactivity is a wondrous insight to respect.

Complementary Modalities

In Naturopathic theory, optimal digestion is central to all wellness. Digestion is one of the first systems to suffer the impact of stress, and is closely entwined with immunity, neurotransmitter balance, nutrient absorption and more. In this course, we explore the foundations of Digestive Wellness in a structure that covers the impact of stress, anxiety, pH, improper eating and other lifestyle mistakes on the digestive system in general, the esophagus, stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver and gallbladder, hyper-reactants, and yes, the brain and bio-terrain. The gut is called the "2nd brain" for many reasons, and this course will cover many items helpful jewels and special techniques that can be applied from the Autofocus Zap menu, Risks Profile, Nutrition Feedback panel, Homeopathy Feedback panel, Hyper-Reactant Panel, the Spinal Muscle Re-education panel, the Dark Field Feedback panel, Stress and Cortisol Feedback panel, Homotoxicology panel, Automeridian panel and more.

Degenerative Stress and Pain 101-501: 

Course Description: 101: This module lays important foundations on understanding the importance of the VARHOPE and matrix reactivity ranges in your biofeedback sessions, along with the ethical communication and scope of biofeedback as applied to this area of concern, and shows how to use the panels most pertinent to stress profiles of clients with cancer in targeted 1 hour sessions. This course teaches how to incorporate the VAR (voltage, amperage and resistance) in panel choices throughout the session in the most supportive way for your client and lays important foundations utilized in the subsequent modules: 201: This module explores obscure matrix signatures most pertinent for application on the DF Blood Signature Reactivity Panel along with additional 1 hour session styles to build into your repertoire. 301: This course explores the various emotional stress profiles of clients with this form of degenerative stress and pain, and covers targeted use of the unconscious reactivity and Hamer panels for supporting our clients in releasing stressful emotional patterns that can also create physical stress and pain. Additional session styles are further demonstrated for deeper learning. 401: This course is an introduction to miasms and how to return to the VARHOPE when working with this important element of degenerative stress and pain. Additional session techniques and styles are also covered.

If you've already had your advanced training and are looking for more ways to expand upon your range of skills for TMJ stress management wellness support, or are just a beginner and wish to learn the dental feedback panel from the ground up, in ways that incorporate solid holistic wellness theories, this course is for you! The course includes a review of the (sometimes complicated) basic navigation of the Dental Feedback panel, along with indepth coverage and multiple angles on TMJ, called the "Great Imposter" because of how causally entwined with other seemingly unrelated health factors it is. If you've ever wondered how to understand and manage the complex stress and pain profiles of cavitations, root canals and missing teeth, and work with the matrix stem cell, oxygen, bone degeneration, toxins and other signatures specific to TMD in profound yet simple ways that can support overall wellness, this online, pre-recorded streaming video course is for you! The course is currently 8 hours (and CEU's) of insights into this pervasive concern, and covers how to find the hidden TMD factors many are unaware of (and which can have consequences in other areas of wellness), along with how to apply them into your biofeedback session strategy. The Biofeedback panels covered in the course include: Dental Feedback, TMJ Muscle Sarcodes, Spinal + Cranial Sacral, Bone Signatures Panel, Homotoxicology, Many Main Matrix Panel functions, Autofocus Bioresonance Zap, and of course searching the Matrix for the obscure and little known entwined stressors and more.

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ISS Mentorship Program

Over the years, the most frequent request from practitioners worldwide has been to be a "fly on the wall" as they watched someone with experience conduct a live biofeedback session on real people, on real issues, in a session style that addresses all levels: mind, body and spirit, and to follow the progress through 6 subsequent sessions (many of you know of this as a "Case History" from your other fields). How would you like to NOT ONLY watch real sessions in action in a live webinar format (and earn CEU's at the same) from one of the longest-term practitioners & internationally certified teachers of the device personally trained by the inventor, but also receive the session FOR YOURSELF, virtually, as part of a small group of like minded individuals navigating and supporting sweeping world changes together? Announcing the ISS Mentorship Program, with Gage Tarrant Learn by watching AND experiencing organically flowing "thinking on your feet" techniques that could never occur in a simplistic "protocol" approach. Learn to operate outside the box as the master of your equipment, comfortable with your choices by going through the process as an observer/ receiver, then applying the unique pearls that unfold to yourself and clients individually in session. Learn to make a session-to session plan and build upon your work, and still remain open to spontaneity as the 6 month process unfolds new levels of wellness and being in ways that are central to the stress profiles of professionals. Bond with other like-minded practitioners in a small group through the process, for a sense of private yet meaningful community, growth and support for the Shift now occurring world wide!
July 11July 25August 8August 22September 5

July 9July 16July 23July 30August 6August 13August 20August 27September 3,

TIMES: Each Webinar is 2 Hours:

Tuesday Afternoons: 
4:30 p.m. MTN Daylight Time (3:30 Pacific / 5:30 Central/ 6:30 Eastern)

Sunday Mornings:

10:00 a.m. MTN Daylight time (9:00 Pacific/ 11 a.m. Central/ NoonEastern) 

Mentorship 2017 Summer Group 1 - $199.00

Continuing Education Extra Curricular Courses

This 6 module course uses Carol Pearson’s book,The Hero Within as a text book reference for the archetypal stress patterns represented on modern biofeedback equipment, and is required reading. Manifest proactive, repeat clients by using a meaningful, structured process through this life changing program! Each successive 2.5 hour webinar covers the uniquely different emotional, mental and spiritual stress patterns of each archetype, and the biofeedback and coaching programs to apply for psycho-spiritual support toward balance and getting “unstuck” from their more stressful aspects using attractor fields and other insightful techniques.  This course counts as college level electives for those seeking Licensed Spiritual Health Coaching credentials.
For Clients:Our clients often see us as their heroes, and one of the gifts we can share with them is how to recognize and develop their own inner heroism in a way that supports their mental, emotional and spiritual goals of remembering and co-creating wholeness from a position of graceful awareness and responsibility.
For Practitioners:This course not only gives you strategies to assist your clients in achieving their goals, but also how to avoid the pitfalls of the “enabler” aspects they imply for the practitioner, in ways that help you establish professional boundaries while still empowering your clients from a supportive position.  This exciting series is specifically tailored to the 6 facets of heroic archetypes outlined in this book as a basis, and then blended with insights from experience, biofeedback energetics and “attractor field” research.
"The Hero Within; 6 Archetypes We Live By" by Carol S. Pearson: this key text book for the course is required reading, a chapter per week/ archetype.  Use of this book in this course does not imply endorsement by the author of these courses or of biofeedback.  There is no financial gain to the instructor from the purchase of this book. The book may be obtained new or used through the following online sources or from your local booksellers, and is a core reference.  Additional applications and material from the instructor will be provided separately in the course materials.
Chapters/Indigo Books
All registered attendees will receive the recordings of this series for view in an assigned, personal “online classroom” complete with a discussion forum for each archetype (details of access will be emailed after registration).
Because the Indigo and SCIO navigation steps for each archetypal stress pattern are identical at this point in time, the Indigo software will be used for demonstration, but are equally applicable to SCIO users.
2.5 CEU’s per webinar: 15 CEU’s for the entire series!
With the development of Advanced  Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural sciences, our creation and use of various nuisance control agents has become mainstream. The effects of these agents are not always as obvious as one might think, and stand unnoticed in the sphere of our day to day stress levels. Over time, our continued exposure to these "Environmental Stressors" can lead to many stress induced concerns as the body battles to keep homeostasis. Various forms of response that the body may present as a result of over exposure range from light allergies to more severe physiological stress responses. This webinar  Identifies various forms that "Environmental Stressors" take , understanding how the body processes "Environmental Stressors", and potential solutions for addressing them. This course is developed with Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners in mind, it will include Software Navigation as well as a PDF Document avail for download in the Students Materials section of the course.


You've  studied how to be a successful practitioner by  building skills, and probably received "tips" along  the way on how to generate a practice. But have you  taken the time to really understand marketing as it's  own communication art-form, in a way that increases  your business but doesn't place you in the  uncomfortable position of having to "sell, sell, sell"?
"Relationship  Marketing" is an approach that places the customer's  needs first, whether you're marketing your services,  homeopathics, supplements or devices, while still  proactively promoting products and services you  believe in, to generate more business. Effective  marketing requires specific listening skills, a  variety of easy to learn communication styles and  follow through, whether it's person to person or  interacting in groups.
Roger  Lessard has been a successful marketer for decades,  and as a former Regional Director for The Quantum  Alliance, sold more biofeedback devices than anyone in  the industry to date, yet had no personal background  in the health fields.  He spearheaded the  introduction of biofeedback into countries like China,  which resulted in biofeedback being embraced by  professionals who were training the Chinese Olympic  athletes. By overcoming his own health issues and expanding out to manage a stress reduction clinic in  Vancouver, he learned the subtler needs of  practitioners  and has compiled a new approach  based on that experience.. His  company is "First Step Marketing", and he currently co-produces one of the largest trade show businesses  in Canada along with consulting to businesses and practitioners alike on how to increase success in  sales of products and services.
The Course Curriculum is as follows:
Perspective (60min)
Evaluation (15 min)
Objective (15 min)
Real Budget Considerations (30min)
Telephone Importance ( 30min )
Continuing Education (30min)
Marketing Schedule and Events (30min)
Marketing Logistics/ Equipment (30min)
Open Houses/Conferences (60min)
Closing Sales (90min)
Questions and Answers (30 min)
Compliance (30min)

Human Growth, Development, and Recovery Series

HGDR Phase 1: Core Foundations (24CEU's): The purpose of this course is to learn how to use biofeedback entrainment to utilise the "Unconscious Reactivity" program in light of Erickson's stages of development, apply reactivity search techniques to understand how the subconscious "life script" stored traumatic stress emotionally, physically and karmically and how to begin changing those messages more beneficially, to understand the basics of suggestibility laws and how the mind learns, and how to apply this to subspace communication with the superconscious for the purpose of resolution conditioning, understanding "attractor fields", how to enhance them energetically, and how to use them to support emotional growth, enhance a client's spiritual resonance and relationship to their Higher Selves, for the purpose of growth and empowerment, and how to facilitate awareness and ascension out of negative vibrational patterns, learn basic language skills to facilitate sessions ethically and effectively.

The Course Curriculum is as follows, and is integrated with hands-on panel-specific program usage: Theory of Mind, Basics of Hypnotherapeutic Principles, Understanding Regression, Understanding Repression, Understanding NLP, The Well Formed Outcome, Building Rapport, The Stages of Development, Supporting the Inner Child, Hololinguistics, An Introduction to Body Syndromes, Spiritual Oppression Guidelines, Spiritual Coaching Ethics, Subspace Communication, Client Expectations, Consciousness Scales, DNA and Language.


HGDR Phase 2: Going Deeper (24CEU's): takes the ideas from Core Foundations deeper into the more obscure experience of infancy and early childhood in ways that utilize information storage systems and brainwaves active during those stages of development.  We cover past life regression using subspace communication, and addresses the first 2 of the body syndromes, commonly called "The Crying Syndrome" and the program usage that corresponds to it all.  The purpose of this course is to understand the information storage systems at work during the infancy stage of development and to assess the impact non-verbal learning may have had on the life script of the adult, cultivate and store the energy of a client's "earned trust" on the matrix for a program of conditioning and to understand how to guide this process responsibly, understand varying opinions of time and how the "now" is always present during the processing of "past" lives, understand the impact past lives may have had on the spiritual body and life trends, use subspace communication to create potentials for positive change in the present time, understand "The Crying Syndrome" and how these issues may indicate underlying unresolved emotional stress, understand all of this in light of how the subconscious stores information concerning abundance and success and how to use the EPFX to support your growth in this area.

The Course Curriculum is as follows, integrated with hands on panel-specific program usage: Closeup on The Theory of Mind in terms of a.) Infancy and the "Life Script" Impact , and "Automony" from Early Childhood, b.) Body Syndromes  c.) Some Emotional and Experiential Associations that may be Active with Hyper-reactant ALR signatures, Brain Theory: 
a.) The "Reptilian" Brain
b.) The Limbic System, 
c.) The Neocortex, Intermediate Brainwave Program Usage, Adding Kinesthetic "Earned Trust" to the matrix, Homeopathic Activation Panel, Body Syndrome #1 and 2: the "Crying Syndrome",     Filtering Unconscious Reactivity with "Crying Syndrome" Searches, General  Mind/ Body Reactivity Search Techniques, Sample "Crying Syndrome" Expressions:  
a.) Allergies/Sinus Pain & Stress, 
b.) Non Medical Headache Pain & Stress, Conditioning the Instincts with Earned Trust, Infancy & Trust vs. Mistrust: A Multi-Session Approach: General Self Improvement, Past Life     Regression Techniques using Subspace Communication, and Success and Abundance Part 1:  Miasms.

HGDR Phase 3:  Quantum Intelligence Enhancement (24CEU's):  The purpose of this phase is to understand the changes occurring in the development of the mind from ages 6-12, and to examine the nature of  intelligence, intuition and it's connection to certain behaviors in a new light.

The course curriculum is as follows, integrated with hands-on panel-specific program usage: The Genius's Mind's Ability to Receive Information, Stage of Development 3:  Middle Childhood:  Initiative vs. Guilt, Stage of Development 4:  Late Childhood: Industry vs. Inferiority, How These Stages Pertain to Ideas of Success and Abundance, Emotional Trauma Stress Protocol Adaptations for Stages 3 & 4, Passive Aggression + Protocols, Legs and Arms/Fight or Flight, Shoulders and Responsibility Passive-Aggression, Success and Abundance Conditioning Continued, New Applications for Resistance to Change, Supporting the Inner Child’s Recovery from Excessive Punishment + Learning to Play, Productivity Protocols: 
a.) Releasing Deep Potential 
b.) Overcoming Procrastination 
c.) Permission to Shine
d.) Overcoming Energetic Obstacles to Success and Abundance, Superlearning Intelligence Enhancement + Protocols, Lobes of the Neo-Cortex, Glands and Theory, Stimulating Memory, Increasing Intelligence Techniques, Predictive Faculties, Attention Deficit,Enhancing Intuition. Abundance Part 2: The Mind and Numbers, Quantum Ledgering.
HGDR Phase 4: Transformations (24CEU's): Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Trauma: Healing the Deep Spiritual Wound of Sexual Trauma, Closeup on Stage of Development 5: Adolescence and Identity, Body Syndrome 5:  The Lower Abdomen and Genital Area: Weight Issues with this syndrome, E & P Relationship Strategies:  What you wished you knew at 16 but can still learn now and biofeedback applications for partners.

This is the most advanced phase.  The purpose of this course is to "bring it all together" in several ways:  to understand the deep spiritual wound of Sexual Trauma and the energetic connections it may have in other areas of life, the ethics and responsibilities involved when a client presents with this, and how to use biofeedback to address the far reaching implications of one of humanity's most unfortunate spiritual and behavioral epidemics.  This becomes translated into balancing relationships and resonating with love.  

The Course Curriculum is as follows, integrated with hands-on panel-specific program usage: Sexual Trauma:  Ethics of Reporting, Advanced EPFX applications: memory storage systems for sexual trauma, Adolescence and Hormonal Memory, Adolescence and Identity, Transitions and Relationships, Kappasonian "E and P Relationship Behaviors":  Understanding them, and the corresponding biofeedback applications for Relationship Balance: What you wished you knew at 16 but can still learn now, Resonating Love into your Life, resonance with Success and Abundance continued.
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